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Thursday, July 17, 2014

progressive printing in black n white

the challenge the other day was to print with white paper and black paint, ink, or whatever was handy....mine happened to be black gesso.

i laid down a fairly thick layer of black paint on my gelli plate and then, grabbed items that happened to be close to add additional details into the print.

here is my first print off of the plate. the paint was thick and i could not really get the paint and print to really pull the details.

my second print, is by far my favorite print. i pulled the items off of the gelli plate leaving a ghost image of the details in the paint.....the edges on this print are a bit softer and the paint is lighter and not as thick.

now when i pull this print there was still paint and an image on my plate, so i decided to print one more time (hate to waste any paint)....

 i still like this one- the softness and the looseness. i had sprayed water onto the gelli plate to keep it wet and allow me to print one more time, as it was becoming fairly dry.

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