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Monday, November 18, 2013

feeling sew sew....

it is true!! i have been in a sew sew mood and felt the need to create little houses. i had stopped at the fabric store (always a dangerous place) on saturday to pick up thread; which of course caused lead me to have to look around a little more while i waited to pay for my stuff.....and, of course i found some adorable fabric i had to have and used to make the roofs. the houses measure 2" x 4 1/2".

 i hand stamped the "house" portion of each of the homes and the words. then, i rummaged through my vintage buttons looking for the perfect one for each of the homes....and stitched the houses together with love. i made a blocks worth :) and have some available in my etsy store. if you have a word and/ or a color that you would like specifically- please feel free to send me a message or leave me a comment and i will be happy to whip up another little house.

also for sale are some of my other fabric ornaments i made recently-


  1. All of what you have been doing is so adorable and charming.....xox

  2. Love our little houses and the decorations.


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