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Sunday, November 10, 2013

sneak peek....

 yesterday morning i awoke with idea in my head (love it when this happens!!)....clearly my imagination had been working the overnight (thank goodness!) as i have a deadline looming on monday- and had not really even had an idea of what i wanted to make for OLW. we will be posting on november 15 for this month, so stop back to see what we all made.

but, i had gone shopping at hobby-lobby on friday and picked up a few new supplies which included those cute small canvas circles. and, i had a package of Roben-Marie's Art Pops cards (do you have your set yet?- you can get them here!) and some scraps of used cotton fabric- so i gathered my supplies......

above is just a sneak peek at what my mind had come up with for me.....

yesterday also kicked off the local holiday shopping with our community hosting a "holiday studio tour." i had paintings down at the gallery but did not open my studio space because it is really too small; although, there was another artist's space that was pretty small and she seemed to do just fine- so, maybe i will need to reconsider for next year.....anyway, i mostly did christmas shopping, however, there was a ring that was calling my name....especially after i had tried it on and it fit- then, it was more like screaming at me- so, i had to get it....check this out-

now who could pass that up? yesterday- i just could not.

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