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Thursday, November 7, 2013

art pops collage painting

thanks to Roben-Marie i got to play with her wonderful new mixed media product that she created called- Art Pops. these are two sets of cards- each set contains different sizes and different cards that you can use and integrate into your own mixed media projects.

i just love Roben-Marie's work and decided to use the whole card and integrate into a painting. i had done this technique previously with other collage/ paint projects. check this out.....

one of the tricks is to paint onto the card and try to camouflage the card can clearly see the edge of the card at the bottom of this close up pic....
another trick is to use complimentary colors to paint onto the card- i have similar, but, probably not identical colors in my paint palette as Roben-Marie; so, i used those colors that were close and would look good with what she had on the original card. the other very nice thing about these cards is that they do not have a glossy finish. this is important because it allowed me to draw and paint onto the card itself and help blend the edges and put my circles onto both the card and my paper as shown above.
 in this view- i tried again, to pull complimentary colors from my paper down through the card again. the blue that you see is close to what Roben-Marie's card had on it, but, i added more to the card to help pull the whole piece all together. i also painted the bright pink onto the flower- same color that i used in the dots on the edge and again- used my pencil to re-draw over the flower to pull it back into the painting and give more definition. there was also the numbers on this card from a piece of collage that Roben-Marie had used in her original painting- i very lightly went back over the numbers on the card and then wrote additional numbers onto the edge of my paper....Roben-Marie talks about the finish on the cards here.
and here is my whole painting. grab your own sets here!

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  1. I love this! So creative and it is so cool to see my picture made into a bigger piece! Thanks!


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