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Saturday, November 16, 2013

one little word- grace

for the month of november the word for one little word is grace.....

in the past months, the idea for my projects have come early and quickly; but, this month, i was quickly approaching the deadline and had no idea. sometimes i feel like i work better under pressure and so, i went to the studio to work up something.

and something is what it is....i made an ornament using the word- grace.
i used canvas circles as my starting point. then, pulled out the used cotton rags and ripped those into strips- sewing onto the circle. the colorful circle paper under the zig-zag stitching is cut from Roben-Marie's Art Pops cards (want some of your own? get your own cards here!) and then, found my word in a book and then, stitched around the word. i used a little acrylic paint on the canvas circle to add some color to the background.


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