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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

honesty and mailart

my honesty comes with a very pleasant surprise of a sale in my etsy is my scoop...i am only techy enough to be dangerous and especially when i first started my store, the resizing of pics, and all the steps required to get something posting was almost more than i wanted to do. so, my store sat empty for long periods of time. i did not give it the time and patience that it deserved. i did not do my part and work harder to do the research and learning to get my store up and going.

but, this year one of my goals for my artsy self was to work harder on my etsy store. so, i gave it a bit of a facelift and freshened the pics and updated the wording; and i pledged to myself that i would post current work to my store and if i had a sale- perfect....and, if not, at least i was giving myself a fair chance.

i have been making "softie" ornaments that i of course, think are so darn cute, and decided to post those in my etsy store for sale. on monday when i got home from work and checked my email....i had a SALE!! from my etsy store!! i have sold paintings in the galleries, done commission and private requests; but, nothing from etsy.

a little squeak came out with pure joy and then, i did the happy weird momma dance in the living room! this continued throughout the evening and every half hour or so, i would tell anyone close to me at home that i had an etsy sale. my family was tired of me by the end of the night....

but, with this sale, i wanted to make sure that the package was shipped appropriately and in some proper mailart fashion. so i went straight to the studio to whip up a package.

 i started with a file folder that i had gelli printed and worked on building my layers from there. this is one of Roben-Marie's famous mailart preferences for paper and i would agree. love printing with my gelli plate on file folders. the other thing i used was Roben-Marie's Art Pops for my address label. her Art Pops line of cards has been a main staple of supplies in my recent mixed media pieces- the cards have been easy to slip into use.
i loved how this piece of mailart turned out, but, with all my packing to ensure that my ornament's vintage dangles would not break- my package would not safely hold together during shipping. so, next best thing, i placed the mailart and ornaments into a boring plain shipping folder that will arrive safety- but, when she opens it....poof- mailart and ornaments happiness will come out!

anyway- if my buyer stops today....thank you so very much for your purchase! you made my night and week!


  1. :))) I can appreciate the happy dance...I do the same if I make a sale...had just a few....but it's so exciting. Now I am in the process of trying to stock my etsy and now a zibbet shop. Finding the time? Not so easy. xox

  2. Congrats on your sale!! I did a super happy dance with my first etsy sale too, it's just so exciting!


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