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Monday, November 25, 2013

making a village

the holiday season is clearly upon us....and my already somewhat limited studio time becomes more compressed at this time of the year until after the holidays. do you find this to be true? how do you manage this time of the year?

on saturday, i needed to make more of my little houses....and so the process began.....

 i think the "be merry" house is my favorite- i love the button i found in my stash.....
 here is my stack of words and fabric house parts....
and here is my village waiting to be stuffed. are you making "stuff" for the holidays? leave me a note so i can come and visit and see what else is being made for the holidays.


  1. Sweet little abodes. I hung the ornaments on my ficus trees with some other things I had made. They are quite delightful...Even husband thought they were charming. xox

  2. You don't have to visit my blog - I'll tell you what I'm making for the Holidays. Nothing yet. However, I am planning on trying to make Roben-Marie's packaging idea she posted Sunday and do something really different this year. What might that be, you ask (because inquiring minds want to know)? Since my gifts are more tokens of my love and appreciation for friends and family, I'm going to make the packaging part of the process. At least that's the plan. I can only hope. I'm waiting for my current Art Pops order to arrive tomorrow or Friday and then I'll get started.


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