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Monday, November 4, 2013

have you heard the buzz about Art Pops?....

well let me tell you about it......Art Pops was created and designed by Roben-Marie Smith. Now, if you are into mixed media, art journaling and just creating......boy, do i have a treat for you! Roben-Marie has made these super cool postcard-like cards.

Check these out.....

these cards can be used for whatever your creative imagination can think up! i was so blessed to have been asked to help create items with these cards, so yesterday i was in the studio working hard. ;)

here is a sneak peak at what i have up my sleeve.....

stop back this week- i will show the whole piece of work and do a little explaining of how i used Roben-Marie's cards into each of these pieces! if you would like to see other examples from other very talented women be sure to click on Roben-Marie's name at the top of this post- there are some great ideas.


  1. thrilled to have found you and that there are other people in the world with these strange urges to save labels and interesting bits of paper :-)

    1. :) Yes!!! So glad you found me as well! Us label and paper savers need to stick together! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment!

  2. Your work is so inspiring, thanks for sharing!


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