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Monday, September 16, 2013

one little word- "do"

i was selected for the design team for one little word last month. a team member picks a word and then we create something that fits with that word. words are so powerful.....we each got to pick a word; in fact my turn isn't until march, 2014....but, our word for september was "do."

i like the fact that we have creative freedom. we can make anything that our creative hearts desire....scrapbook page, art journal page, tag, whatever.

i always have to think a bit and let the creative process work its' course. i normally, start and work on other things and an idea will emerge. and that was exactly what happened with this month's word. while i was looking for other words/ phrases, i found some key thoughts and pulled those out to put together. check out below.....

 i loved the permissions......take a moment today and day dream; do some merry-making, and let your vivid imaginations run wild!
 this is a view of my whole project for "do."
and here is a bit of a close up....i played on yupo paper with acrylic paints, ink, paper, and sewing. i loved the colors.

do you want to play along? there is a link at the bottom of the post there to play along. if you do- please make sure to let me know so i can take a peak!

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  1. Wow, yupo paper... I had to look that up ;-). Awesome colours in your background there and I loooove the stitching. So cool!


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