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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

gelli plate and stenciled backgrounds- love....

i have been making additional backgrounds in my art journal and thought i would share these additional backgrounds. check these out....

 i love the colors and shape on this one....i had simply cut a piece of card stock to block out the shape found on the right hand side. each time i have used the shape, it gathers a little more color and i keep thinking i will actually use it in my art journal and cut another one- but, it continues to be "seasoned" and look even cooler with each use.
 this one i used paper scraps i had on my counter to block out when printing- love the bold shapes in the red. the yellow was printed onto the page and the green i used a stencil.
this last one was the end stage printing....the red was probably the third print off of my gelli plate onto the previous layers. the circle is actually a stamp. i stamped off onto this page when using it for something else i was making. sometimes it is dangerous to decide that you want a lighter version of a stamp- because i tend to "stamp"it off onto anything that is handy. i love the big circles though with the little polka dots peaking through the layers. great fun!

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  1. Your prints are very cool! Love the stencils and colors you selected!


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