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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

art journal- doodle and stencil

i have started a new art journal and discovered i really like the size of the pages. it was one i picked up on sale. i am sure we have all done that....picked up something on sale or clearance at the art store? and then discovered something about whatever that was that was a little off...a little wonky? correct?!

this one has a cover that is a little weird- but, being a mixed media artist- make a better cover...done.

the only other thing i have noted now that i have done several pages and worked back to back, is that the pages are a little thinner than what i would like. i definitely have to gesso the pages because depending on what i have used on the backside-some of that may have bled through. sometimes that is no big deal, but, other times you don't want to see whatever is on the, again, just because it is on sale does not mean it is a good deal, but, this is probably not going to stop me at the art store in that clearance section.....

still loving my girl which is a homemade stencil.....i think because she seems to have an attitude. check out my process on how i made my stencil here.
and this was a quick doodle with charcoal and pen and had used my gelli plate to create the back ground for this one. still loving my gelli plate! do you have one yet?....they are so much fun, they are addicting!

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