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Sunday, September 29, 2013

exploration and play time

on friday i got to hang with my mom for a bit. she is in a local high end interior show that is put together by interior decorators that chose art from local artists to showcase with their furniture. so i went over to see the show. it was super cool and she was featured just inside the front door.

when we were done, we grabbed a coffee and headed to a store neither of us had been in. it was fairly trendy and had cool things. i was reading the signs, and found one that was perfect for each of us.....

isn't this the truth?!....yes- a perfect fit for each of our studio spaces! how about you? :)

when we were done shopping, we headed up to her studio space for a little play time. i grabbed a sheet of watercolor paper and her new stencil, and started playing..... the paper already had something on it half finished, but, those are perfect to start with.....i love painting in her space- we have very similar color palettes, yet- different; so at some point, i am forced to use a color i have not painted with before and be pushed just outside of my comfort zone.

what have you done to be pushed outside of that comfort zone?

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  1. Great painting, great contrasting colors. And how cool to make art with your mom!


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