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Monday, September 9, 2013

art journal post

the weekend was busy, but, i managed to sneak away and go play in the studio with my mom....i had taken my art journal along to work in.

i gesso'd the pages and started  in.....i used several stencils and a little bit of everything from ink to watercolors and some acrylic paint for good measure. and topped it all off with my girls face in charcoal.

i have been so intrigued and inspired by all of the drawn faces i have seen lately. i was really hoping to play along with the 29 faces this month, but, with school starting and sports now going in full swing, i will just have to play and draw faces when i get the chance.

i also wanted to say thank you to Connie, Leslie, and Mary for their comments on friday's post. instead of picking between you three....all of you will receive a notecard via snail mail! thanks for following!!


  1. You're welcome, Kristin! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a wonderful, face I adore all the colours and textures behind it.


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