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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

birthday wishing

yesterday was our youngest son's birthday. 15.....15 years old. and that is our baby. how do they keep growing and getting older and i stay the same age?....hahaha! delusional.....i know; say what you will, but, the sky in my creative world is purple.

i, of course made his favorite supper which is homemade pizza rolls. this is seriously a super yummy recipe and a family favorite since i pinned it. we, also had an ice cream cake and of, course, presents.

and when it is your birthday, you have to have a birthday card to open....and who better to make that card for him, but, his mom.

i started with a piece of orange cardstock- cutting it down to size to fit my envelope. i then, used my gelli plate to put down some color- some olive green and white. i decided i need a pop of color and pulled the turquoise blue; making sure it was really wet and loose. i then, pulled a personal favorite- one of the mixed media essentials stamps from Roben-Marie. my final piece was to stitch this card up. 

and this is how i wish a happy birthday! do you have a birthday in september? let me know, and i will send you a birthday wish (even if it is past- belated wishes are still good!).


  1. What a great card! Love your mixed media style.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!!
    I love the card - sadly my birthday isn't until March!!


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