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Monday, August 3, 2015

working wet- being brave

i started a painting on a wooden cradle and kept working and layering to still have it look like crap. i don't know what moved me to work wet again but, this painting was in dire need of some help. i took a step off of the safe side and i went brave yesterday- covering the panel with a small but, thick, heavy amount of the colors i had chosen, a lot of water, and working through the process.

working wet is a trick as the paint can be lifted, pooled, pushed, resisted and it can be hard to control, long to dry and can be frustrating as sometimes things move easily that you don't want to move.

i loved the gold and alcohol inks as those resisted the water and were interesting to get to sit back down.

loved how this one turned out because the journey to this point was long. happy monday.

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