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Monday, August 31, 2015

art in a box II- mr shine and sparkle

i had been saving this box for an art project. i do believe it is old- just not sure how old (although a quick google search, it is possible this is from around 1912- and still looks cool and is in great shape.....). it was the perfect size for this art in a box project.

and because it is for a men's collar and cuffs, it was only right that i found a vintage man (thanks Sears) to use with the project. meet mr. shine and sparkle......

i added the flowers because if you are as smooth as mr. shine and sparkle, you know he would show up with flowers, right?! and be a talker....a smooth talker.

he is saying, "ladies, i hope you'll come over to the Inn and play. Do you feel like doing that?" with a flash of that incredible smile.

i added a few other details to this art in a box....(don't they usually have an exemption card for something). i may be laying this on a little thick- but, that is part of the humor and the play on this project. i found a life game card and little car playing piece and "male person."

here is my finished art in a box project below. i hope that my swapping partner finds as much humor as i have; and enjoys this as much as i did putting it together.

happy monday.

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