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Monday, August 24, 2015

#DLP advice offered

August 22
Art Challenge: Layered (Using Multiple Mediums)
Journal Prompt:  Speak to your younger self- what advice would you offer?

i maybe didn't use as many layers as i may be capable of; but, i like this girl and she has plenty of advice to tell my younger self.

  • don't worry so much about what you look like; always be you
  • i am not perfect (nor is anyone else)
  • don't worry about whether or not others like you; some will, some won't and some will be on the fence....but, focus on those who do and like you for who you are and leave the rest behind and don't look back- keep moving forward

  • enjoy flowers- the colors, the smells, and the wonderful shapes and textures
  • don't follow the group- this is a piece of fabric for my background; create your own path
  • be part of a group you love and share a passion with- be happy
  • be interesting

happy monday!

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