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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

fabric stacking....

this is a stack of my new excited! i am making "smalls" blankets for our local hospital craft fair. what are smalls you ask? instead of making a full size blanket with the silk edging, i am making a small blanket the size of a quilting fat quarter- which is like 18" x 22" and much more manageable if you have a young one that becomes attached. 

the smalls are a colorful cotton front and a flannel back with a silk edging. i am making smalls for boys and girls. i am thinking of holding back a few to post in my etsy store.....i may keep one for each and send the rest to the fair. we will have to see....much sewing ahead.

i actually had gotten one smalls done and noticed that my sewing machine was starting to act up with the thread tension. by the time i had gotten to the second blanket i knew for sure as it was pulling the fabric and would not lay down flat. so a quick tour to the local machine shop and back to tip top shape and ready to sew again. 

but.....(isn't there always something)....i have 2 kids going off to college this year and move in is on friday for our freshman; so the sewing may have to wait until this weekend. this week has been filled with packing and checking if we bought everything she will need and washing. (where does all this come from?!....goodness.) anyway....not wishing anything away- life goes too fast without that. trying to enjoy the craziness of this college transition. our house will definitely have a change with two kids out to college.

are you sending kids to off to college? or back to school?....happy tuesday!

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