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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a watercolor swap

i am participating in a watercolor swap with a floral theme. i was looking for watercolor paper when i stumbled across an old painting. i loved pieces of it but, not the whole i did a little rework and now really like what i ended with. this will be my swap for this trade. and i love all the little detail work in this piece and the colors.

i love the blend of the colors and the defined black lines and the mix with the undefined black lines.

i hope that the swap partner likes her piece. mailing it out today.....

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  1. This gave me an idea about using up a vintage monster tablet of pencil drawings by an artist whose estate sale I attended. I originally thought that I would sell each piece, but it turns out that the newsprint paper is quite brittle. Cut into smaller pieces and "collaborated" with me, you've sparked an idea :) see, we never know what our blog postings will inspire:) Laura


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