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Thursday, August 6, 2015

lost art you sew? i am beginning to think that this is becoming a lost art. i come from a long line of seamstresses. both of my gramma's could sew, my mom sews, so it was only natural that i would have a sewing machine by the time i was 7.

albeit it would be a Holly Hobby that was a hand crank. i remember being upset that my machine did not have a foot switch that would make the machine go and my mom would tell me- "i don't want you to stitch your finger." i feel like that is the auto-response that boys get when they want a pellet gun. you know, the whole, "you will shoot your eye out." but, thank goodness, the Holly Hobby would not last long and i got to move to my mom's trusty old blue machine. actually, at the time- it was still probably relatively new then; but, that machine was a trusty one well into my twenties before we would stop using it. it was a gem.

i have a gem now. one my husband bought for me 17 years ago and it is a good one. a trusty soul. it has paint on it and is now starting to show its age by discoloring a bit; no longer the white, but more of a soft yellow and yet- it sews on almost everything. i have probably tried almost everything too (the poor thing).

but i love sewing on paper i have to tell you. now i will also tell you- i am not one of those perfectionists. nope....not here. and actually, when it comes to stitching- i almost prefer that line to not be straight. i prefer the project to not be perfect; maybe the color of the thread is a bit off and does not match and the stitched line is not straight, and maybe stitched way more that what is really needed to hold that edge- you know you just kept hitting that back up button.

i am in the process of sewing some new pieces and will add those to my etsy store when i get them done. remember my little bag to hold paintbrushes? i will be adding one of those as well.

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