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Thursday, July 30, 2015

mixed media bird

i am in a FB group that does art swaps and there is a smaller group of us that are called "angels" that assist when someone did not hold up their end of the bargain on the swap. i was asked to assist and make a missed swap- and this little bird is one of those....... there was someone in our group that did not receive their feathered friend. this little bird is already on its' way to her new home.

I love the fluffy yarn with trailing strings! i think i did have some other nice details on my bird. one was to hand stitch her fabric beak and another of those was to hand stitch on the edge of her lace tail. i did machine sew the lace on first and then went back over just the edge to tack the edge and a few other missed edges.

the other nice detail was the wired feet.....those make me smile. i used two different types of "ribbon" for her is a fabric tape measure and the other a cotton ribbon.

i did not want to hang her and have to attach some sort of wire or anything else to her head or back so i decided she needed to sit and added a tab on the back so she would not tip over.

her body was made from heavy 300 lb watercolor paper that i cut out the main shape of the body and started from there. her wing was made from another another type of lace. i spritz that wing with my dylusion spray ink to add a splash of color.

happy thursday!


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