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Monday, July 27, 2015

out and down {art journaled}

i had a day last know the kind- at the end of the day you are mumbling under your breathe; talking through the situation (to yourself of course).....i had one of those. it was again, a classic case of miscommunication of a situation.

so what does any good artistic person do after a long day at work? she goes straight to her studio after a change of clothes to do some art journaling and get this out of her head and onto some paper. the kind of journaling that you let all of those true feelings out.....all of the colorful, miscommunication of the situation. and when the page is full and you have painted over most of it- you go back in with the white pen over the top to finish up and get those straggling comments still lingering in your head out and down.

shared.....happy monday.


  1. I've heard that when women are left alone in a room for an hour, they think about conversations they have had. When men are asked what they thought about they say sports and sex! Anyone surprised,here ?:) Laura aka hastypearl


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