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Saturday, July 11, 2015


a few shorts weeks ago i took some time and went to art class. our instructor was a watercolorist by the name of Mark Mehaffey- very talented gentleman who told great stories. i managed to snag a pic with him after a lesson.

i really like going class as it is always good to hear the fundamentals again (and maybe a different way than i have hear before). some of the concepts are easy to pick up on and other things are more difficult.

the class was watercolors and i don't always paint in watercolor- mainly because i have a hard time mixing colors and getting what i want and understanding what is a light, medium or dark.

day one we started with a sketch and value study (which i am finally getting better at)- but, then i am supposed to transition into color and that is when the whole thing falls apart. except....this time, i did understand maybe just a bit more. i had heard that concept enough that my brain finally understood what the heck i was supposed to be doing. (thank goodness.......) these are a few pics from Mark's lessons.

here are the results from my lesson (this was actually my second value sketch- as my first one, i missed on....again.....):

day two and three were abstract painting. here is a sample- i like the layers and small details.

happy saturday!

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