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Monday, July 20, 2015


a few of you had asked for a video and i was hoping to deliver.....although my editing skills are not exactly tip-top ( this part took a long, frustrating while)- so you can imagine how disappointed i am when i was hoping to share my video this morning and let you watch my process- but after watching my video when it was posted to youtube and it was not good and i had to pull it....sorry.

i will have to try again.

love the pink and mix of collage and stamps.

i used Roben-Marie's Artpops cards again as the base and worked over the top with collage, paint and my new Dream Thicket stamps. both the cards and stamps are available at Paperbag Studios.


  1. I need to make some videos too - but it is a lot of work to do, even for just a short video. Love your style still!

  2. I love the pattern and color combination! Yummy!

  3. Great colors! Like the pink and orange!


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