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Thursday, July 2, 2015

#DreamThicket {more samples}

would you like to see more?.....need your own set of stamps? the stamps are available at PaperBag Studios here!

mixed media piece-watercolor, acrylic, stamping, sewing....this vintage paper reminded me that it sometimes can be very fragile; but, i so loved the look and feel of this.

and what can i say about owl?.....he is just so darn cute! i added a few extra details to him which was so much fun. this was in an art journal that originally was a blot off of a stencil- if you see the pink polka dots showing through- that was a very wet stencil that i blotted off into my art journal to use as a jumping off point- which was perfect!

happy thursday!

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  1. Such gorgeous colors and layers! I love your pieces as much as your new rubber stamps! What inspiration, Kristin! :)


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