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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Image transfer with Recycled Collage for Documented Life

the challenge for week nine was to "collage something you recycled." and what better to recycle than an old photo?.....if you are wondering about the photo and whether it is my family- i usually only use mine own in photocopy form so as not to destroy my own collection; but,....i normally always look for old photos at rummage sales, flea markets and auctions. if you find old photos at an antique store, those are normally expensive- so i do not buy photos there (because i am cheap.....)- but, be on the look out.

for this challenge, i wanted to see through my photo and be able to see what was underneath. there are quite a few ways to perform image transfer, but, because i was going to use the actual photo itself, i chose to use the packing tape trick- placing it through the middle to capture the three girls.
in doing this method, i spray the back with water, and then, carefully rub off the paper on the backside of the packing tape. you need to be careful because when the paper becomes really thin- it is easy to simply rub away all of the image and rub through.

here is my finished page.....i recycled vintage ephemera and my old photo. i love how the transfer worked and that you can see the words behind the image- and just lightly through her face. i found the word "important" on an vintage envelope and it seemed perfect for this project for many reasons.....the project itself; the use of the actual photo; being able to use the actual receipts.....all important for this documented life moment in my moleskin.


  1. I love this! So, you put tape over the image, spritz the back of the photo with water then rub excess paper off, then just lay tape+image on your collage? Or do you then lay the tape+image back over the original photo? Hard to tell.

  2. WOW, I found your blog through Pinterst-Hopping...I love the page you did for DLP! Have a great sunday! - Irma


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