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Saturday, March 1, 2014

29 faces 2014 challenge: day 26, 27 & 28

finishing up this challenge and ending on a great note. i have to say that i started this challenge to work outside of my comfort zone and to push myself.

what i have learned along this journey is so much more than that. i learned that i can find some time for the studio almost every day. i have taken many classes from some of the best artists and they all have said, the importance of working in your studio EVERY day. i have heard it many times, but, have not done my best to work towards this. heck- i let it run through one ear and out the other......

i can say, that my biggest lesson learned is not making faces, it was showing myself that i can find that some time to work in my studio every day. it may not be the whole day i like to find on the weekends- hibernating myself into the studio, but, it is enough time that i can do something and like what i finish in that amount of time.
                                                                           day 26
                                                                            day 27
                                                                             day 28


  1. congratulations, love the latest faces. Annette x

  2. Well done on completing the challenge they are great faces!

  3. You're so right, that is actually the very best thing about this challenge. Learning to take some time to create, even if it's only 5 minutes. Really love your faces. Of these 3 the middle one is my absolute favorite... ♥


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