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Monday, March 10, 2014

all about me....for the Documented Life

i found some much needed studio time this weekend and played catch up in my moleskin. i got out my homemade girl stencil and used her. she captures and embraces me.....i just love her. i painted up the pages working many layers onto these pages- some bold, some worn, and some just peaking through....

i had a realization while putting the finishing touches on this- how old i was turning this year.....i was looking for a bingo number; searching for a 43....and then, i realized that it was 2014. well son of a beehive!! i had a moment where i was really crabby. how did i miss a year?! did i really think i was 42 this past year? no- i do remember 43. i am just ill prepared for this number- 44, is all.

oh well- life goes on and it is certainly better than the alternative. i think there was also a moment of panic as i felt like life was going quickly. am i doing as much as i can? am i wasting precious time? and as i contemplated this looking at my painting, i realized if this is about me- i didn't tell anyone anything. i very brief glimpse into my quirky painting habits (which i love and always revert to....). so i added my top ten list.

yes- a little list to round off my now very soon to be 44 years of life. things i love and help define me.

this is me....all 44 years of me. finally able to hold my hands on my hips and face life.....a little more ready, but, definitely ready to conquer. 

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  1. I do enjoy your posts...have been following you for a while now. I just wanted to comment on that age number.....not a problem....same age as my baby :)


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