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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

bird is the word for documented life.....

the 11th challenge for the Documented Life was to put a bird into your moleskin journal. this was the beginning of my page. i had used Dylusional inks and some wonderful collage papers that were on my desk.

the white off to the left side is a piece of tyvex. i have occasionally painted on tyvex with interesting results. it takes the paint very differently. i had a few scraps of left over tyvex and that was in my stash. i love how tyvex pulls apart and leaves that frayed edge.

i ripped some of the tyvex off to use on her crest and wing and add some dimension. i really like the blue polka dots on the neck and body. i am participating in 21 secrets and this past week was Rae Missigman- she was amazing and had so many great secrets that she shared with us. one of her secrets were paint pens that are available at Walmart. you can buy them individually or in packs. i bought the "bright" pack and the blue was in it!

below is my whole page in my book. she is looking a little bewildered....poor thing!

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  1. What a cute bird. Looks in a bit of a panic I feel trying to catch up on all my blog posts I missed being away. xox


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