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Monday, March 3, 2014

file card completion for Documented Life with a video

i was working in my moleskin planner yesterday and documenting my last week's notes and happenings for the Documented Life.

i was working on the back side of a page in my moleskin and decided to make another pocket and add a rolodex file card. my file card is below. i had used my gelli plate initially to get some color down and add the black, and, then, went back over the card with acrylic paint and added my vintage envelope circle.

i have been contemplating videos and how to make one to post- and decided i just needed to give it a try and this project would work just fine.

thank goodness for kids! i am not sure i could have gotten the editing done without my 15 year old son last night. it was easy enough to read my camera guide and work my camera but, the editing.....(even with youtube.....) not sure i would have worked my way through that.

you can watch my video here to see how i finish this card and page. let me know what you think about the video please!


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