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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the moments {a series} no 30: speaks to me....

i had decided to submit a painting for consideration for another book. only when i went to my studio, anything new and cool had already been taken to the galleries..... i do keep just a very few of my own paintings that truly speak to me.

sometimes i just need to let them whisper to me for a short time, and then, i am ok to let those paintings go to the galleries so that someone else can love them as much as i do. but, this particular painting has never left. so when i was looking through to see what if anything i could possibly submit....

this painting was yelling at me to be chosen. i do not know whether it stands a chance- but, it is a chance i had to take. whether it makes it to publishing remains to be seen, but, this painting will always speak to me.....

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  1. It looks gorgeous. I do hope you get published. X


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