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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

interrupt the moments for one little word

i am taking a small break from the moments to bring little word. our word this month was color. stop by and check out what everyone else made.

could they have picked a better word?.....i think not! if you have been a long follower or have recently just joined- you will not see much soft pastel colors here. nope- i paint and work in big, bright, happy, colors....and usually as many as i can.

here is a sneak peak of my painting for "color." i painted mine on yupo paper- beginning with paper that already had paint down, but, was clearly not finished.

do you have a favorite color? let me know which one! want to play along?....there is a "add your link" at the bottom of the post on the one little word link above- so come and join us! if you do- be sure to let me know!


thanks for your comments- i love hearing from you!!