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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the moments {a series} no 15: painting for a cause

On Friday evening I painted downtown at HGS Gallery. All proceeds from the silent auction went to our local fire dept. It was the "halloween" show so all the artists needed to paint in costume.  I was a witch..... Not very scary or bad, but I did wear fake eye lashes! I love those....especially in blue- I am such a dork....  

my idea for the evening was to paint a set of my "love letters" on canvas- (2) 6x8 and (1) 8x10. the words I had picked out were along that theme- adultish. however, when I realized that a young girl was who was going to win my set of paintings.....I needed new words.
I opened my "magical" book and poof! the words, "an excited little pink whirlwind" were the first words that spoke to me. those words could not have been more appropriate because when I first started painting with my first color (a red/ pink), the little girl exclaimed, "I want the pink ones mommy!"

I truly loved the words I found for this set of paintings for the little girl!
these were my paintings early on at this point.....they ended up with a quinacrodone magenta over the whole thing to pull it all together. I loved the texture that I put onto all of these. you catch a glimpse on the corner in a soft blue/ green.

end of the night.....this was how I ended. many people asked if I normally paint with my fingers and hands....well, yes- of course!

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