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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the moments {a series} no 23: first snow

yesterday when i opened the back door to let the dog out, i noticed these small white fluffies falling gently to the ground....yes- it was snowing! this was our first snow this year. the colors here, this fall have been amazing- so when i stepped out to get a pic, one of our maple's colorful orange-red leaves had fallen into the greens of my apple tree. this snow was perfect this time- just a very nice dusting to cover everything, but, then melt away.

when we moved into our house 13 years ago this month, we started with a few white fluffies in the air, and ended up finishing in almost a complete blizzard. everything was well covered with snow and stayed covered until april of the following year. when the snow had finally melted away, we had been driving on the grass all winter- the driveway was much narrower than what we thought.....glad for the "quick" snow this time.

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