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Monday, October 21, 2013

the moments {a series} no 21: thank you's and colorful enveopes

this past week at my big girl job, my employees on the day shift decided to buy me a scarf for "bosses day." they caught me a little off guard, by all coming into my office, asking if they could talk to me.

now, generally speaking, i have learned that when the group wants to talk to me- something big, and usually bad, is going down.....but, not this time! instead they handed me a small gift to open.

i was very moved by this gesture. and so, made thank you's with envelopes for my group....

 i used a file folder for the paper and layered on gelli plate prints. i had grabbed some paint chips at the store in some of my favorite colors and punched out a circle matching colors on each of the cards. but, before gluing down my circle i put down a strip of washi tape. the final thing was to stitch around the outside of the card. if you don't sew or have a sewing machine- you could certainly just use a black pen and outline the edge of your card.
 when i make cards- i need to have an envelope to put the card is my simple trick for quick envelopes especially when the card is small (approximately 4" x 4"). i found a relatively tall book and ripped out the pages. i double checked to make sure that my book paper was indeed large enough by checking the edges to see if i could stitched them up and still have room for my card- which i did. then i noticed that my book paper was going to be short....super easy to fix! i grabbed some over painted paper and ripped those into strips. i folded down a small tab at the top and made sure that my over painted strips were now long enough that i could stitch the strips on and they would then come down and meet the bottom book paper- creating my envelope. if you still have questions- please let me know! i can show you step by step if need be!
going to be delivering thank you cards today! loved how these turned out.....


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