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Saturday, October 19, 2013

the moments {a series} no 19: great big stitched postacard swap

today's moment in my life is being brought to you by the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. what is this you ask?

it is:
  • postcard swap. visit here to see other postcards on their FB page
  • from all over the world- 300 participants this year
  • created and organized by Do What You Love

 my postcard was made with the help of my gelli plate, stencil, stamping, and washi tape.....

 i put down a base print first from my gelli plate. then added the pink scallop along the left edge and the blue polka dots with my stencil. i had left the bottom edge open and used a strip of washi tape. i cut the edge to fit my scallop. my favorite is the sunburst....i used a homemade stencil and my gelli plate. i am loving this shape right now....visit me on instagram to see my homemade stencil.
 this is the front side of my postcard...a little stamping and some collage. i scored a roll of vintage Montgomery Ward price stickers at a rummage sale! love those....
added my postcard partner's address and my return address.....drop into mail. mine is off to the UK- hope she enjoys this homemade postcard cutie!

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