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Saturday, July 27, 2013

gelli plate printed backgrounds

yesterday, my mom and i got to hang out and play for a bit.

she had not seen a gelli plate before, and i am still trying to figure mine out. we played and dripped paint many times. it is amazing to me how many prints you can make from one plate- we printed so many before lunch that we had boxed us in my studio space basically to the counter we were working at with papers of wet paint on the floor.

i started with this background of purple, iridescent, and white. i added the book paper, ink and the orange ink around the circle. my mom had brought her sketch book and we used the duds to print on- which was perfect. the book was watercolor sheets that were 6"x12".

 i made my own stencil of a woman. i had used paper circles and some heavy gel and a stencil to add to the background. i used black spray paint to outline her. i took this first pic before i outlined the girl with an ink pen. with the spray paint it was a bit more difficult to get crisp edges and i felt i needed to outline her for a better finish.
this was my second woman yesterday. again, the main back ground is from our gelli plate printing. i added a few paper circles; the red is a scrapbooking paper circle i made. this one i used acrylic paint to outline my stencil. the edges were crisper and i could control the "dark" myself a little better. 

if you are interested in how i made woman stencil- stop back. i will take pics and explain my process.


  1. What fun! Your pages are great. I, too, am just learning how to use my gelli plate. Thanks for sharing your experiments.

  2. Looks great! Love gelli printing too. :)

  3. Ohhh! Love your prints. Really like the woman stencil you made. Very inspirational and encourages me to get out my Gelli very soon. :)


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