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Friday, July 5, 2013

friday fill-ins

and we go.....
  1. staying active is the key to feeling better- gotta move (at least a little...).
  2. art well, that would be nice!
  3. the very thought of a spider sends me running (with hands waving and that strange skip/ hop- you know what i am talking about....).
  4. a sunset is so beautiful.
  5. i grew up in the 70's and northeast south dakota- no, you don't have to feel bad- it was all good!
  6. "my favorite hotdish" was my most memorable meal as a kid- it is macaroni, velveeta cheese, cream of mushroom soup and spam (my mom thought for sure this is all i would feed my husband when we got married).
  7. and as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to a movie (i gotta go see despicable me 2), tomorrow my plans include painting with my mom, and sunday, i want to get ready for this next week!

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