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Thursday, July 18, 2013

gelli plate and mini mailart

last week i finally could not take it any more, and had to order a gelli plate. it arrived safe and sound at my home, and i immediately ripped it open with gusto! it barely survived!

down to my studio i went,....eager to see just what this plate was capable of. i picked some of my favorite colors and went to work.....i was not prepared for the amount of paper that i would need to have close at hand because i didn't want to waste any paint- i could roll off the brayer, and then, there was the stencil that i was using to put texture and shape onto my gelli plate- that had paint on it and who wants to waste that- this girl did not! so i quickly grabbed book paper to "wipe" off my stencil making this cool paper below that can now be used for something else.

 then, there was actually still the paint and pattern on my actual gelli plate.....don't forget about that. i used RobenMarie's idea of a file folder and printed my plate onto my folder. then, for some interest- added a little more paint with another stencil, some stamps (you can find the stamps here), washi tape, and a few paper circles. oh, and i added that small strip of a security envelope along the right edge. and poof! mailart! i did cut this one down to a smaller size so i could get 2 out of one file folder. then stitched it up to mail.

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