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Sunday, July 14, 2013

painting an adironack chair for hotdog night

my big girl job is hosting a fundraiser this week during hotdog night by doing a silent auction of painted adirondack chairs. the chairs will be available for viewing this week at work with bidding beginning tomorrow and final sale on thursday night. are you asking yourself what in the heck is hotdog night? well, check this out. if you are in the area- it is worth the free meal to come and check this out!

in my typical late-start fashion, i did not start the chair until yesterday- but, i did have great fun getting the chair is my smurfy hand after wiping some of the blue off once on for extra texture....
 a few  layers later,.... some help from stencils and ink- poof chair done! well dear husband and i will need to put the chair together today :).

and my theme was this- "whispered dreams, listen to your heart" so simple but, how many of us really do this? i hope someone likes my chair as much as i do.

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I love the idea of whispered dreams. so poetic.
    And the chair is gorgeous!


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