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Sunday, July 7, 2013

darks and lights

i had gotten a commission for 4 pieces of my artwork for a home. my customer had given me a color palette and had allowed me to see the space before hand so i would know where the pieces were going.

so this eager beaver got started.... and worked myself to the usual point where i like the painting enough, because they had past their ugly phase, but, now i liked them too much because i was almost afraid of  ruining them....

i waited patiently knowing that what these paintings needed would come to me after allowing the pieces to "cook" for a bit. after listening at my most recent art class i attended, our last day was about color; and although i was not sure i picked up anything that day after a long week- apparently something soaked in because what my current pieces were missing....were the darks and lights.

 i added the darks between the gold diamonds along with a few lights at the very top to provide additional contrast. sorry about those bright yellow edges- those are the next "kill" the edges and blend those in......
but, these commissioned pieces are almost done and i am very excited to provide them to my customer.

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