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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

i got mailart!!!

yes-yesterday was a monday and typically i would say- monday's are not my favorite day of the week. except for yesterday because, when i got home i saw that our mailbox seemed to be a little fuller.

and so unsuspecting i checked the mailbox and quickly realized that this stuffed mailbox was holding some very special mail with my name on it! i waited until i was in the house before doing my "happy dance!" all the way to find some scissors to carefully open my mailart.

check out my mailart from Roben-Marie! i am such a sucker for circles- there was instant love for this mailart!
thank you so very much Roben-Marie! Love, love, love......

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  1. Oh I LOVE it... gorgeous and beautiful... and in Roben Marie's fabulous style.... love the circles too... certainly is happy mail...

    Jenny ♥


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