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Thursday, August 21, 2014

the blue eyed bird with fluttered wings {on fabric}

i was recently in a swap challenge where we were to create something with wings on it. now normally this should be easy, however for whatever reason i seemed to have a block for this project. or maybe there were so many ideas floating through my head that it was hard to focus on just what exactly i wanted to do.

with the deadline looming, i needed to decide on what i was making, and focus. i had been reading a past ClothPaperScissors issue and had seen cloth that had been painting on and then, sewn on and thought this may be just what i was thinking of.

i grabbed a small piece of white cotton and started by putting down some spray inks with stencils to help create my background. i used a variety of inks and a little spray of alcohol to allow some of the colorful ink to run, then going back in with some acrylic paint and finally sewing on on bird.

i did initially stitch around the outside of my square to secure the layers of fabric. i did use 2 pieces of cotton with a thin layer of fleece in between. i stitched a couple of times simply for interest and of course, not totally straight.

i did also add a vintage ribbon handle so this blue eyed bird could be hung. and finished it off with my signature.

happy thursday!


  1. I love these! And I love the batting uncovered around the edges, surprisingly so. xo

  2. I was the super lucky recipitant and let me tell you it's gorgeous!!! Xoxoxo
    Thanks again Kristin!!


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