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Friday, August 15, 2014

one little word {lost}

i have been working recently on my used and saved papertowels and decided to stay with this theme for my one little word project as well.

there was already a base of color on it and i easily added more color, some stitching, a little stamping, and my word. when it comes to color, to me, it is easy to get lost....this was a perfect fit.

i love the drip and dribbles that sprinkled across the towel. i also used some washi tape that you can see in the top pink circles.

i used a homemade stencil that i had made when working in Traci Bautista's new book- PrintMakingUnleashed for the turquoise blue towards the bottom.

really like the blending and transition of the color....easy to become lost. if you are going to stitch onto papetowels, you need to provide some paper support underneath for your stitching- you can see a peek of paper across the top edge. if you do not provide that support- your papertowel will stretch and pull and will not lay flat. 

happy friday! hope you are able to get lost.


  1. I love using paper towels, & getting lost in colour! This is wonderful Kristen.


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