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Thursday, August 7, 2014

whispered to....

i had ordered the new Print Making Unleashed book by Traci Bautista and a handful of acrylic paints from Dina Wakely's new line. everything has arrived but with school looming here this week has been very busy with appointments and getting things done; so i am anxious for the weekend to play in the studio....

i am being "whispered to" come out and play. so glad it is thursday......almost done this week.

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  1. Love this!! Hang in there it's almost the weekend!!!
    So excited we are partners for the wing swap.. I am working on your price and hope you like it!! :)
    Tried to find you on fb so I could see what style you enjoy and would up here... What a cute blog!! Xoxox
    Have fun! You are a wonderful artist!!!!


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