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Monday, August 18, 2014

monday = first day of school

the sound of heavy feet moving slowly this morning is a little busier than the past few lazy-days-of-summer months as the kids go back to school today. they of course will tell you that they do not want to go, but, as a mom....i am ready for a little more structure in our household.

our oldest son will head back to college at the end of this week, and i am ready to find my dining room table. he seems to think this is an extension of his room, as almost anything of his collects here. so 2 years down and a couple more to go.

this year has an excited, and strange feeling as our only daughter is finally a senior.... which blows my mind for some reason. all of these "last" things that are attached to this senior year...i just can't hardly seem to fully grasp that this is her last year and that college will be looming for her in one short year.

and quickly behind her is her younger brother who is a sophomore. i just feel like once we get to that sophomore year- the time just flies and they are done.

so today, i am just going to enjoy this busyness and the schedule of school and the rush in the house....excited for the kids as they continue to grow up.

happy monday.

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