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Sunday, August 24, 2014

SHE tags

i had been thinking about SHE and what i could make for a local women's day/ conference. the day is set aside for women to get their mammos and then come and shop and get other information about women's health. and to remind us- to embrace the SHE.

i came up with these tags and left the back open so that if you have a date or a special woman who survived breast cancer or maybe needs to be remembered- i would be happy to individualize your tag with the information.

i posted them in my usual spots to share, and decided to put them into my etsy store so anyone could have one.


  1. Oh Kristin.... these tags are gorgeous... and I just love that they can be personalized... beautiful idea <3

    Jenny X

  2. Hi Krisin :) What a very nice idea to create these tags to remember loved ones. Leaving space to personalize is perfect! I love the mini eyelet, too- they look so polished!


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