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Friday, March 22, 2013

friday fill-ins

and.... here we go! 

  1. the wind blew wildly and even though the calendar says it is spring, it still feels like winter.
  2. spending today with my mom creating art and having my husband take me out for lunch today for my birthday made me feel warm and happy all over.
  3. the smell of  car rear-end grease makes me think of old cars (love them!).
  4. when i am feeling lazy i sog on the coach.
  5. brilliant purple is my favorite color- it is so hard to choose though; i love color!
  6. the door creaked and a ghost came in. (do you believe in ghosts?...)
  7. as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to going to a movie, tomorrow my plans include going to an indoor track meet, and sunday, i want to will be at a volleyball tournament.


  1. Hi, I am visiting my daughter and granddaughters in northeast Oregon, this week. A since I have been here we have had snow three days, hail two days and rain the first day. I just hope I don't get snowed in and have to stay longer than I planned. I love them but I'm getting very homesick for my hubby. If the mountains between her house and home put out a storm warning and a tire-chains requirement, I'll be staying until the weather lets up.

    I'm excited to hear about your clock and watch collection. It's fun to find another person with like interests. Do you have any plans on what you are going to do with them yet? I'm thinking steam-punk something, but I haven't totally wrapped my head around a project yet :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Enjoy your weekend! It sounds like it will be filled with lots of activities. :)


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