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Friday, March 1, 2013

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what am i doing? smiling like a crazy fool who just cut their bangs, and blogging my story (for my favorite blog) before i take kids to school and head to work for the day..... i am a wife of 23 years to my high school sweetheart (and no it was not a shotgun wedding) and we have 3 kids- boy, 18 years in first year of college who will be home today for spring break....cannot wait for the good college stories; girl, 15 years who had a liver transplant as a baby, and now a sports machine (volleyball, basketball, volleyball again, and track); and another boy, 14 years outside of the box thinker and creator of all things funny.

my real job during the day is a part time (sometimes almost full time) gig at our local hospital where i wear four hats. for the most part i love my job. the people are great and when i am having a bad day, i just have to tell myself that work is called work for a reason, and tomorrow will be better- "so buck up buttercup!"

i love art. i love collage, and colors, and paint. i come from a long line of artists, my grandma was an artist, my mom is an artist, and my dad enjoys creating things.... when my gramma was still around, we had a few 3 generations shows locally and in her hometown. the last one turned into a 4 generation show as our youngest has an artistic flair and gramma asked him to hang some things as well.

i love auctions.....for a while, and here is a juicy tid bit....i would go almost anywhere to go to an auction. it got to the point, where my spouse told me i had to stop. okay. and then, i would stash stuff in my trunk. until he went to put something in my trunk, and i went scurrying behind him when i realized that i still had "stuff" in my trunk. when he popped the trunk open and saw my stuff, i hung my head in shame, and announced, "i think i need therapy".....i am now under control, but, still love a good auction.

one of things on my bucket list, is to be an extra on a movie. i don't want to say anything; i only need to be a glance in the background as the camera pans past....i think that when i am watching a great movie, how much fun it must be to be on the set and how most movies have scenes where there are a people in the background of the shot- all i want is to be one of the people in the background a couple of times in the movie.

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one last tid husband made me a studio space in the basement. it is not big, but, it serves the purpose and it is filled with things i love and is messy and magical. i love to listen to music when i am in that space, and sometimes, i just have to dance.

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  1. I loved reading your story! I follow your blog, and I really enjoy your art so it's nice to know a little bit about you.

    I had to laugh about stashing auction items in your trunk. I had a friend who did that with clothes when we went shopping. You brought back some good and funny memories for me. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Have a wonderful day!


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