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Friday, March 8, 2013


 with pencil in hand, i gave drawing class another whirl. we had already had this model one other time. this first posted drawing was one of the last poses our model had done. you can see the shadow of a shoulder in the right hand corner....i had attempted this pose a couple of times; not satisfied with my first attempt.
 i liked the strangeness of this one with the one nipple looking at you. i should have used my white gelato to cover and blend and push the words back a bit. maybe i still will, but, i am liking that bizarre nipple.... 
 i thought my feet were interesting- this is such a push for me to draw any sort of of my classmates told me that i need to work on my form and perspective more... but, i find it way more interesting if whatever i am drawing is NOT quite true to perspective. i do not mind a little off perspective. similarly- in the first pic, his left shoulder is a wider than the right one? did you catch that? go back up and take a peak.....the other thing is, is when i go to this class, the people that go to draw are amazing. very skilled. and they may not be happy with their drawing, but, theirs looks 10x better than mine usually. that is why i have learned to not judge my own drawings until the next day. i imagine my drawings "cooking" overnight, and somehow magically being better the next morning. i do usually like my drawings so much better the next day (i think it's probably the lack of comparison) ......and then i think, yep, drawing class was good!


  1. I love your images! I am taking Misty Mawn's workshop Face to Face but have been so afraid to start. I really need to be brave and start watching the videos. Your work always inspires me! :)

  2. feet and hands are always the hardest for me... to keep the dimensions cohesive.


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